The best and brightest ready to work on your IoT strategy

Our mission - We deliver digital strategies with a long term positive impact for everybody, now and in the future

We are a global community of Gurus (entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, consultants, researchers, etc) with a shared purpose. Collaboratively we want to design, build and execute the best digital strategies that deliver a positive impact for all stakeholders.

We believe that digital transformation is fundamentally changing people‘s lives and the ways companies do business. Organisations need to excel at improving their established business model and excel at inventing tomorrow’s growth engines at the same time. The organisational structures that characterise established companies today are unlikely to produce that new growth in the future.

"If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near"

-Jack Welch, Retired CEO of General Electric

IoT Gurus is a world wide network of independent IoT strategy, design, innovation and business development consultants that opperates as a specialist domain within DigiGurus. Together we serve companies to get the maximum out of their IoT opportunities either to build new services, optimise operation or complete business model redesign.

IoT Guru´s are heavy seniors, the network consists of former directors, CEO´s, senior strategists in IoT related companies and thus bring immediate value to our clients. All IoT Gurus have either an own practice or work under the IoT Gurus brand in another constellation.

For our clients we bring a very efficient approach with either a 3 stage strategy finding project or a full 5 stage strategy, innovation, business development project. We always aim to enable and train existing personnel and teams at our clients to create independency.

For Guru´s IoTGurus brings a network of peers, with access to a large database of content to use for services to clients. Through the network of guru´s our members can support their clients in multiple ways and have the backup of colleagues around the globe and from different verticals.