What we do


We work with companies to develop strategic approaches for IoT businesses; build prototypes or Proof of Concepts; translate new developments into use cases and novel approaches.

With our strategic design approach IoT Gurus helps her clients from the creative process of finding new growth area´s with data towards monetizing the new business or venture. Through years of entrepreneurial experience and a broad C-Level network and knowledge of partners we can accelerate faster than other consulting firms.



We continuously collect and share truly engaging content for you to learn from. Our goal in doing so is teaching you to make a digital transition in your company and what kind of technologies will be a game changer in your work field. We host talks, tutorials, workshops and more.

Research and development

With our extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and our inquiring minds, we will find suitable solutions to develop digital strategies that fit in your company. To stay ahead and keep up to date we also build side projects and do research with cutting-edge data technologies.